Morning Coffee (caffeine) to Relieve your Pain?

Astringent, tangy, nippy,  delicate, or (if you’re really into coffee) piquant; Everybody loves their own, perfect, morning java. And if you’re familiar with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, you’ve got a million ways to describe that exquisite blend! But is it just improved alertness that we use our caffeine source for? Could it be Read more about Morning Coffee (caffeine) to Relieve your Pain?[…]

Physical Activity and You: Do you have time?

How much physical exercise is enough? Where am you supposed to find time to exercise every day? Do you really need to run / lift weights / climb stairs? These are all common questions, some of which can be answered with some new and exciting (aren’t you excited??) research! You’re probably most familiar with the Read more about Physical Activity and You: Do you have time?[…]

Static vs Dynamic Stretching: Your Performance

So you want to get out and do something. Great! How will you start? If it’s something you’ll be doing with your arms, will you shake them out? Cross one arm over the other shoulder and hold it there for 10 seconds? Swing them in large circles to get ready for your activity? Or what Read more about Static vs Dynamic Stretching: Your Performance[…]

Running and your Knees: Boon or Bust?

One of the most recognizable traditions from my years in public school was running in the Terry Fox Run every autumn. What I hadn’t realized at that time is that the Terry Fox Run is conducted in cities across the country, even internationally! I thought this was a school thing only – oh for the days Read more about Running and your Knees: Boon or Bust?[…]

What are you (back) Packing?

Backpacks are something that most children in developed countries use and wear — it’s essentially a requirement for modern schooling systems. How to properly wear these backpacks has been a topic of discussion for many years, but I still find people are generally confused about what solid principles to use that help improve personal safety when wearing a backpack Read more about What are you (back) Packing?[…]