Happy New Year (Resolution!)

Happy New Year! (2016 already?) It’s no secret that with the holiday season passed, we are now in the heart of resolution season! I’ve heard a number of people (ironically) resolving not to make resolutions though for a variety of reasons: “they don’t mean anything”, “they don’t work”, “people never achieve their goals”, etc. But Read more about Happy New Year (Resolution!)[…]

Holiday Headaches: Break out the Peppermint?

Peppermint for your Headache? In the spirit of holiday-themed writing, let’s address one of the inconveniences of stress and anxiety that sometimes accompanies holiday activities — headaches. Peppermint — that classic candy mint flavouring — appears to have some benefit for people suffering headaches. This came to my attention by virtue of some family and Read more about Holiday Headaches: Break out the Peppermint?[…]

In the Toolbox: Laser, Acupuncture

What’s with all the Tools? Chiropractic treatment involves a lot of hands-on care — stretching, massage, guided exercise, and joint adjustments are frequent tools used to decrease pain, improve mobility, and return patients to their activities. Using these tools has frequently allowed me to achieve great outcomes with patients — but if you know me Read more about In the Toolbox: Laser, Acupuncture[…]

Snowshoeing: Stomp your way into their hearts

In need of a last-minute gift idea, something different nobody else is looking for, and friendly to people who want to enjoy the wintery outdoors? I have a suggestion: Snowshoes. Now hear me out — this obviously isn’t a gift-advising site, but since snowshoes double as vehicles to increase activity, promote exercise, and enjoy the Read more about Snowshoeing: Stomp your way into their hearts[…]