Shoulder Pain: Reintroducing Movement

Early management of shoulder complaints is similar to other issues that patients present with: create as much shoulder movement as possible while avoiding pain generation when you are able to. As noted in the first posting, the shoulder is a highly mobile joint that is built to create a lot of movement — so maintaining Read more about Shoulder Pain: Reintroducing Movement[…]

Shoulder Pain: An Introduction

Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint for patients that can present in a number of different ways. For example, some patients experience significant limitations caused by their pain, others have low-grade discomfort that lingers across days, and still others experience more sporadic episodes of discomfort that come and go, but are no less limiting in Read more about Shoulder Pain: An Introduction[…]

Building Resiliency with Neck Pain Exercise

Pain changes the way muscles work together to provide support and movement for the body. In the case of neck pain, the larger muscles at the back of the neck, shoulder, and front of the neck and jaw override many of the smaller, more supportive muscles that are important for good function. After getting the Read more about Building Resiliency with Neck Pain Exercise[…]

Improving and Maintaining Movement for Neck Pain

While there are a variety of reasons somebody can develop neck pain, the majority of cases are “mechanical” in nature. This usually means that body tissues like muscles, tendons, or joint surfaces become irritated in a way that limits their ability to move — leading to limited movement ability (restricted range of motion), muscle tightness, Read more about Improving and Maintaining Movement for Neck Pain[…]

1A Neck Pain

Neck Pain Day to Day

Dealing with neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints that people experience. Large scale research indicates as much as 80% of the adult population experiences neck pain (and associated disorders) during their lifetime, with 30-50% of adults reporting neck pain each year. But how to handle it, day-to-day? I hope what follows Read more about Neck Pain Day to Day[…]

Low Back Care Routine Video

Putting it Together – Low Back Care Routine

With everything covered so far, we have the foundation for a general low back care routine that you can take (and modify if needed) to start using right away. For people dealing with, or looking to prevent further occurrences of low back pain, establishing a daily routine that gets the back and spine moving safely, Read more about Putting it Together – Low Back Care Routine[…]

Activation in a Low Back Care Routine

Now that we’ve established what not to do/how to find relief, and selected a few simple movements to start back into activity, it’s time to work at finding some low back activation exercises. These are intended to engage muscles, establish control and resiliency, and provide a link between exercise movements and everyday activities. Most importantly, Read more about Activation in a Low Back Care Routine[…]

Building a Low Back Care Routine

Moving on from the First Steps with Lower Back Pain (Avoiding Irritation and using Positions of Relief), it is important to get the spine and body as a whole primed for daily activities with a Low Back Care Routine. This is especially true in the morning, where it has been established that greater fluid content Read more about Building a Low Back Care Routine[…]