August 11, 2016

At Your Chiropractic Appointment

Initial Appointment

Initial AppointmentExpect to spend between 45 and 75 minutes at your initial appointment, which often includes your first treatment. Your initial appointment will consist of:

  • A review of current and past health history.
  • A physical examination of relevant body structures (eg. shoulder, hip, knee, lower back, etc.)
  • A review of pertinent findings and communication of diagnosis.
  • Discussing of Dr. Gilliard’s proposed plan of management, anticipated outcomes, and goals of treatment.
  • Your first chiropractic treatment with Dr. Gilliard

What should I bring with me?

  • Intake FormsYour intake forms¬†— fill these out to the best of your ability ahead of time and maximize your appointment time in the office
  • For lower body complaints: Shorts
  • For upper body complaints: Tank top or Sleeveless shirt

Subsequent Visits 

Subsequent VisitAnticipate 20-40 minutes for subsequent appointments — this is typical, however longer or shorter appointments may be deemed appropriate at Dr. Gilliard’s discretion. At a subsequent visit, Dr. Gilliard will review your condition, asses your complaints, and determine if continuing or altering your treatment plan is appropriate.

As with initial assessments, appropriate dress is recommended for subsequent visits (see above) as some interventions require skin contact.


Reassessment of your condition is generally built into your subsequent visits. Based on the on-going assessment of your plan of care, Dr. Gilliard will continue, discontinue, or modify your treatment plan as needed.