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Manipulation for Chronic Low Back Pain

If you have chronic (long-term) low back pain, is manipulation or mobilization of the joints in your back a good option for you? This type of treatment is commonly known as the “adjustments” that patients often receive in chiropractic offices for painful conditions. The answer depends on the specific nature of your condition of course, Read more about Manipulation for Chronic Low Back Pain[…]

Low Back Pain Bulletin

WHO Bulletin: Low Back Pain Care

A recent World Health Organization (WHO) bulletin (2019) highlighted care for low back pain. The bulletin identifies certain treatments as consistently recommended in international guidelines, while others were consistently NOT recommended.  For early low back pain, “advice to remain active, education on the benign nature of low back pain and reassurance about the absence of Read more about WHO Bulletin: Low Back Pain Care[…]

TPI Golf Seminar — Applying the Body-Swing Connection

  I recently attended a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level One seminar in Toronto to help refine my understanding of golfers, the golf swing, and how I can contribute to their swinging better and playing more. It was an exceptional two-day event led by some of the industry leaders in golf performance and fitness — Read more about TPI Golf Seminar — Applying the Body-Swing Connection[…]

Reduce Injuries in Soccer — FIFA 11+

Summer soccer leagues either have or are coming to a close, while high school and “Rep” league teams begin developing their systems. Yes, autumn has almost arrived, and as we transition from one season to the next we carry with us our persistent, nagging injuries — our personal signs of sporting seasons past. Most people Read more about Reduce Injuries in Soccer — FIFA 11+[…]

What is that sound?

I’ve heard a lot of names given to the sound that occurs during some joint manipulations. “Popping”, “cracking”, “snapping”, and “popcorn” are just a few descriptions given. So what is it, really? Similar to the sound, a number of reasons have been proposed over the past century about why this occurs in the first place: “A vapour Read more about What is that sound?[…]