Morning Coffee (caffeine) to Relieve your Pain?

Astringent, tangy, nippy,  delicate, or (if you’re really into coffee) piquant; Everybody loves their own, perfect, morning java. And if you’re familiar with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, you’ve got a million ways to describe that exquisite blend! But is it just improved alertness that we use our caffeine source for? Could it be Read more about Morning Coffee (caffeine) to Relieve your Pain?[…]

Simple Lifting: Stay Close, Be Happy, & Work as a Team

With teachers on the mind, I had a follow-up thought as they prepare to set-up or move into new classrooms for the year. Proper lifting can seem both confusing and impractical at times, but it is an important concept to master in order to maintain a pain-free back, and make sure you start the year off right. With Read more about Simple Lifting: Stay Close, Be Happy, & Work as a Team[…]

“Teacher’s Back”: What, Why, and How.

During my undergraduate years, a lot of my friends (almost all of them) went on to become teachers, so I’ve had the good fortune of following their career development to this point. What I hadn’t expected, at least initially, was watching a number of them develop mid- and upper-back tightness, stiffness, and pain since that Read more about “Teacher’s Back”: What, Why, and How.[…]

Reduce Injuries in Soccer — FIFA 11+

Summer soccer leagues either have or are coming to a close, while high school and “Rep” league teams begin developing their systems. Yes, autumn has almost arrived, and as we transition from one season to the next we carry with us our persistent, nagging injuries — our personal signs of sporting seasons past. Most people Read more about Reduce Injuries in Soccer — FIFA 11+[…]