Migraine Headaches

How do I know if I have a migraine? Migraines are an awful, unwanted condition that nobody wants to experience. They can be short-lived (a few hours) or persistent (multiple days!).  Depression, irritability, neck stiffness, visual flashes of light, pins and needle sensations, sensitivity to sound and light, nausea and vomiting, and of course, severe Read more about Migraine Headaches[…]

Holiday Headaches: Break out the Peppermint?

Peppermint for your Headache? In the spirit of holiday-themed writing, let’s address one of the inconveniences of stress and anxiety that sometimes accompanies holiday activities — headaches. Peppermint — that classic candy mint flavouring — appears to have some benefit for people suffering headaches. This came to my attention by virtue of some family and Read more about Holiday Headaches: Break out the Peppermint?[…]

Cervicogenic Headaches

Your Headache: A Real Pain in the Neck Your head hurts — the consistent ache, the vice-like pressure around your forehead, the boring pain behind your eyes, or the spreading pain from the back of your skull across the temple — what gives? These are just a few examples of how headaches present for some Read more about Cervicogenic Headaches[…]