Pt Q’s: Importance of Movement

Q: Why do you keep stressing the need to move around so often?  Why Movement is Important to Keep your Joints Healthy Movement is important — or as might be better understood, a lack of movement is potentially harmful. This is the foundation for concepts like “Sitting is the new smoking”, “Motion is Lotion“, and the “Move Read more about Pt Q’s: Importance of Movement[…]

Reinforcing the Truth: BMI Lies

Refreshing an old topic: BMI This is not really new information, but it’s worth addressing again. BMI lies. Regularly. In a few ways, actually. And it’s probably better to monitor “central obesity” — the fat we carry around the mid-section — because that is more closely related with health hazards. So let’s discuss: BMI, that Read more about Reinforcing the Truth: BMI Lies[…]