Blue Jays and Power Days: A Comment on Core Stability

The Blue Jays find themselves in a deep hole in Major League Baseball’s ALCS playoff, down 3-1 in the best-of-7 series, so we’ll keep this post short-and-sweet (first pitch at 4:07pm!). Although a number of things need to go right for them to advance to the World Series, baseball is essential a simple game: make Read more about Blue Jays and Power Days: A Comment on Core Stability[…]

Play Better Golf – Warm-Up!

I’m sad to say that golf season is coming to an end. The PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup is finished, local courses are offering fall discounts, and you can feel the Canadian winter beginning to set in as temperatures fall overnight. But it’s not over just yet, and like me, I’d wager you’re looking for at Read more about Play Better Golf – Warm-Up![…]