Snow Shovelling

Your least favourite, most Canadian activity Now that we’ve had (in the GTA) our first significant brush with winter weather, it’s time to reflect and ask the big question: did you miss it? For most, shovelling snow is nowhere near the top of people’s favourite winter activities, and yet it’s something that almost everybody does. And despite Read more about Snow Shovelling[…]

Raking Tips for Autumn

Safety in Autumn – Raking Leaves The winds are up; the leaves are down. Unless you plan to collect mushy leaves following the spring thaw of 2016, you’re facing the undesirable task of raking up your annual collection of leaves! Here are a FIVE (5) keys and tips I think will help you get through your Read more about Raking Tips for Autumn[…]

Simple Lifting: Stay Close, Be Happy, & Work as a Team

With teachers on the mind, I had a follow-up thought as they prepare to set-up or move into new classrooms for the year. Proper lifting can seem both confusing and impractical at times, but it is an important concept to master in order to maintain a pain-free back, and make sure you start the year off right. With Read more about Simple Lifting: Stay Close, Be Happy, & Work as a Team[…]