Shoulder Pain: Exercise to Build Resiliency

Shoulder exercise should be used when you are able to complete the movements required sufficiently without significant discomfort or pain production. These activities involve more complicated shoulder mechanics and recruit a greater proportion of muscles surrounding the area than isolated exercises for specific muscles. The more you are able to complete exercise like this, the Read more about Shoulder Pain: Exercise to Build Resiliency[…]

Shoulder Pain: Reintroducing Movement

Early management of shoulder complaints is similar to other issues that patients present with: create as much shoulder movement as possible while avoiding pain generation when you are able to. As noted in the first posting, the shoulder is a highly mobile joint that is built to create a lot of movement — so maintaining Read more about Shoulder Pain: Reintroducing Movement[…]

Shoulder Pain: An Introduction

Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint for patients that can present in a number of different ways. For example, some patients experience significant limitations caused by their pain, others have low-grade discomfort that lingers across days, and still others experience more sporadic episodes of discomfort that come and go, but are no less limiting in Read more about Shoulder Pain: An Introduction[…]